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J.P. Agro Care is one of the greatest self developed a company over Indian Agriculture Development. Nowadays, this company is working with some projects in West Bengal, India. For example – Fish Farming, Fish and crab exporter and also goat Farming, cultivation organic vegetables etc .
Fish Farming:-
Presently, J.P. Agro Care’s experienced scientist are helping with the high quality food and food’s compatible like to make medicine for fish and prawn farming. Along with, with the help of well experienced trainer, are given training to the farmer to make querious of food and medicine marketing and also make querious of scientifically weight of environment about fish farming. As result, without harming environment, it is increased the rate of production.
Without it, J.P.Agro Care’s experienced fieldlabour are going to the field and examined the water, soil and always involved to give the suggetion to the farmer.
J.P.Agro Care’s experienced scientist’s invention highly qualified Feed Supplement are made the fish and prawn farming very high developed and along with make the environment healthy. J.P.Agro Care’s invention of fish foods are unique with their value and quality. This food is made by the hand of valuable quality of the material and experienced neutresanist.
In a word, J.P.Agro Care gives the assurance of exact and scientific fish farming. And J.P.Agro Care is always with the farmers and would be.

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imageJP Agro works with the mission creating opportunities for underprivileged people to work and help increase the efficiency of poor fishery farmers through training.

We want to spread the fish culture in the improved cultivation system while also improving quality by making the process more eco-friendly.

imageWe want to introduce a revolution in the fishery culture along with the people working in the industry. Our is to make changes that are not only innovative but also advanced, helping the industry to move forward.

Our recent developed technologies help in improving the quality of our production, in turn improving the revenue as well.

imageHere at JP Agro we work with goal of revolutionising the fish industry, which is why we not only make it as eco-friendly as possible but also work with endangered and new species to make production better without having to harm the aquatic world.

Our goals combine efficiency and technology to bring about long lasting changes.